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arid collective makes one of a kind, reiki infused brass & crystal jewelry, malas, and more. this craft was born out of passion and soul. our unique jewelry line, handmade products, and healing services cater to the mindful human who lives with authenticity. we are always evolving, and so are you, which is why we offer sacred talismans to light our inner fires with clarity & purpose for the greater good of humanity.

About us
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reiki infused unique crystal earrings and jewelry

crystal talisman jewelry


custom mala divination

cotton flower clothing, crystal jewelry, reiki infused necklaces, healing

reiki + healing services

our crystal jewelry is infused with usui reiki energy and intention. we assist the soul by introducing the practice of crystal healing in a unique and sacred way. 

we provide full length, custom crystal readings to determine the perfect crystals to express your essence through a high quality, handmade, custom japa mala.

saige offers reiki, crystal divinations, spacial cleansing, and guided meditations to uplift your frequency, and connect you to your highest purpose.

want to support the creation of the golden light attunement tarot deck?

this 44 card tarot deck is a channeled combination of poetic transmissions, meditative sacred geometry, visualizations, and thoughtful prompts to promote deep inner work and gold aura attunement. all writings and illustrations are being created by the owner of arid collective, saige surya. click to support our gofundme below.

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