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This 44 card tarot deck is a channeled combination of poetic transmissions, meditative sacred geometry, visualizations, and thoughtful prompts to promote deep inner work and golden auric attunement. All writings and illustrations are being created by the owner of Arid Collective, Saige Surya.


To get this deck started, most printing services require a minimum order amount from 150-500 depending on the service. As a small business, the cost of this is not cheap for 44 cards, a box, and a guidebook. Your donation will be used toward the printing cost to make this project become a tangible product that the world can use as a tool for spiritual guidance.


I believe this tarot deck can become a vital tool for those who are deep into their spiritual awakening and can offer the highest support to the intellect choosing to work with this tarot.


Please note, this deck is still a work in progress and I am expecting to need about 6 more months working with this deck before it is shelf ready. However, that does not mean it is too early to begin the drafting & print funding phases.


Your donation will allow this tarot deck to come to life. From the depths of my heart, thank you for your support and ability to receive & feel the magical potential of this offering.

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