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saige is an empathic and intuitive crystalline energy healer and traditional usui reiki master. before connecting with her innate ability, she was hospitalized under the veil of depression and panic disorders. she soon found reiki to assist her in clearing away the dark entity causing this pain. years later, she went on to become a reiki master herself. saige has a spirit that is inspired by zen, the subtle body systems, crystal healing, reiki, meditation, breath and authentic, truth centric transformation. our connection to the inner spirit and truth can become the bond that brings humanity together. using her claircognizant empathic ablities, saige offers reiki, crystal divinations, spacial cleansing, and guided meditations. we promise to always leave you with deep peace and inspiration.

transformation cannot happen without death

  • reconnect to yourself through crystal clarity.

    15 min

    77 US dollars
  • bring balance and clarity back to your energy body.

    1 hr 30 min

    144 US dollars
  • create a container or space that holds integrity and healing.

    1 hr 30 min

    111 US dollars
  • a reiki infused, vocal and visionary experience.


    sliding scale $11-44


"saige is an intuitive, reliable, and wise soul. saige’s services offer me a sense of support similar to a counselor. her soulful assistance through her readings and meditations has helped tremendously with my anxiety, insomnia, and focus."