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saige is an empathic and intuitive energy healer and reiki master. before connecting with her empathic abilities she was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. she soon found reiki to assist her in clearing away the dark entity causing this pain. years later, she went on to become a reiki master herself. saige has a spirit that is inspired by sotto zen, the chakra system, crystal healing, reiki, meditation, breath and connection to purpose through transformation. she believes that connection to our inner spirit and purpose can become the bond that truly brings humanity together. using her claircognizant empathic ablities, saige offers reiki, crystal divinations, spacial cleansing, and guided meditations. we promise to always leave you with deep peace and inspiration.

transformation cannot happen without death


"saige is an intuitive, reliable, and wise soul. saige’s services offer me a sense of support similar to a counselor. her soulful assistance through her readings and meditations has helped tremendously with my anxiety, insomnia, and focus."


“saige has helped me see beyond myself for the better. she tells me the truth. she makes me feel safe and never judges me. her reassurance has helped me accept myself for who I am."


“the experience was grounding, nourishing, and enlightening. i felt really safe and held. since our session, i've been receiving so many insights from what we were working on together! any time i need support, saige is available."



if flexible pricing or payment plans are desired for aligned offerings, i am happy to accommodate. please reach out for any special requests!

your are heard here!