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saige surya

i believe the universe always provides you with everything you need to remember you are healed and our soul is already whole. we just need to become more aware of this truth. i have been making jewelry since 2017. in 2020, i became a certified heart centered usui reiki master. i discovered the harmony that intuition, crystals, and reiki find in one another. it seemed obvious to begin to share beautiful sacred talismans that bring healing and clarity to the same space. i hope you find as much clarity, purpose, and healing as we have envisioned for you.


what we do

arid collective is proud to provide a variety of creative offerings that are rooted in energy alignment and reiki. we offer everything from more traditional usui reiki sessions, crystal divinations with custom japa malas and custom or one of a kind crystal jewelry.

arid collective was born from a creative vision to utilize crystals as talismans to ignite the journey into deeper soul alignment and purpose. crystals are gifts from life itself, offering clarity and healing. our crystal divination technique taps into your soul essence. this technique combined with reiki and crystalline energy offers healing for the mind, body, and spirit. through mindful wear, reiki infused energy can begin to heal the chakras, nodules and meridians of your energy body. 


Elder Apothecary

Ashland, OR

Yoga on State

Carlsbad, CA

Zonies Galleria

Sedona, AZ


Sedona, AZ

Cosmic Fire Apothecary

Sedona, AZ

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