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we create one of a kind japamalas. our custom crystal divinations are saught after by those who are looking for a talisman to light the way. much like the clarity of a tarot reading, this is a great option during times of transformation, or bringing greater understanding to who you are. typically, we are picking up on the energy from your auric field. this is the energy that can cater towards uncovering your life purpose and gaining a sense of direction.


all malas are custom created, reiki infused, and come with a crystal divination reading and intention card.


time frame

please 1 month in the sacred process of intuition and creation. upon purchase, we will reach out to you via email to facilitate your crystal divination for the japamala.




about the japamala

these japamala necklaces or bracelets are commonly used in eastern religions such a hinduism, jainism, sihkism and buddhism. they are a ceremonial prayer bead used to deepen the meditation practice. some people count their beads in meditation, adding up to 108. others might simply focus their attention on the intention of the mala or the feeling of the beads on the fingertips.

custom mala with divination

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