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mala bracelet drop - two

mala bracelet drop - two

our affirmations for each piece are posted as the last/preceeding photo of each product :) each item is one of a kind. if you'd like something specific, please consider placing a custom mala bracelet order!


each mala bracelet is uniquely created, anointed, and infused with reiki and healing energy to allow healing into your mind, body, and spirit. all items come with an intention card outlining the healing properties of each piece.


arid collective taps into your soul essence to create sacred talisman jewelry. our crystal divination technique combined with reiki offers healing for the mind, body, and spirit. we infuse an intention for healing into each creation. through wear, reiki infused energy can begin to heal the nodules and meridians of your energy body.


for best use, mindful wearing is strongly encouraged. repeat your healing intention as you adorn yourself. cleanse your jewelry with sage regularly to maintain effectivity. always remember that the choice to heal is yours.

these are individually knotted and adjustable with a nylon cord, adding a long-lasting integrity exceeding standard and quality in most mala bracelets. bracelets are to be worn mindfully and gently. they are tough and can withstand wear, water, and time, although avoiding elements like water is strongly suggested. it is up to you to keep this mala as long as you like.

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