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brass coin lariat necklace - sunflower jade

brass coin lariat necklace - sunflower jade

our intention for this piece

posted as last photo :)


length: 16 inches, drops to about 18 inches


arid collective taps into your soul essence to create sacred talisman jewelry. our crystal divination technique combined with reiki offers healing for the mind, body, and spirit. we infuse an intention for healing into each creation. through wear, reiki infused energy can begin to heal the nodules and meridians of your energy body.


for best use, mindful wearing is strongly encouraged. repeat your healing intention as you adorn yourself. cleanse your jewelry with sage regularly to maintain effectivity. always remember that the choice to heal is yours.

our brass is made to withstand hard-wear and hold up over time, but we always advise you to wear with care. most jewelry does not do well exposed to moisture or extreme elements and long necklaces can catch on door knobs and puppy feet easily. be mindful of your jewelry when you choose to wear it.

brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and will naturally tarnish when exposed to oxygen. some love the look of natural tarnished brass, but if you prefer to keep it nice and shiny, here are some steps you can take to maintain the brass luster:

you can polish your pieces with a jewelry polishing cloth. also, storing jewelry in an airtight container like a ziplock bag or jewelry box will help. do not leave out in humid areas such as the bathroom as this helps to prevent tarnishing. we also recommend not wearing your pieces in water.

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